Sorting Data in Excel using a Custom List

Learn about sorting data in Excel with our free tutorial This quick video explains sorting data in Excel using a custom list. Excel provides a mechanism to sort using a custom list – this allows us to specify the preferred sort order for READ MORE

How to use the Fill Handle in Excel

Learn about the Fill Handle in Excel with our free tutorial The Fill Handle is the small square located in the bottom right of each cell. When we drag the fill-handle in any direction it will copy the content intelligently depending on the READ MORE

How to use the SUM Function in Microsoft Excel

Learn about SUM Function in excel with our free tutorial Learn how to add rows and columns of data quickly and easily using Excel’s built-in SUM function – use the ribbon or type the function directly into a cell. Video duration 3.57 mins. READ MORE

How to use Colour Scales in Excel

Learn about colour scales in Excel with our free tutorial Colour scales or heat maps are a useful way to highlight values in a range of cells. Built-in heat maps allow you to apply different colour schemes dependent on the rules you wish READ MORE

How to remove # symbols from Excel

Learn about removing ####’s from Excel with our free tutorial Seeing ##### (hash) symbols in your spreadsheet is very common. Learn what causes it to happen and how to remove them from your worksheets. Video duration 2.1 mins. Expand the window above if READ MORE

Date / Time Formatting

Changing the appearance of the date and time is very useful in presenting spreadsheets. Many errors in Excel occur because of incorrectly formatted dates – check the way Excel understands the date by changing the date format. Video duration 5.57 mins. Expand the READ MORE

Repeating rows / columns

Learn how to repeat a column or row headings or titles on each page of a document as it is printing. This is useful for multi-page documents with lots of data. Options are in the Page Layout TAB Video duration 2.49 mins. Expand READ MORE

Editing Pivot Table options

The Pivot Table options allows us to name our Pivot Table – useful if you have a number of Pivot Tables. We can also modify change the layout, totals, display, printing options for our Pivot Table. Video duration 4.01 mins. Expand the window READ MORE


The VLOOKUP function is one of the most widely used functions in Excel and is regularly used incorrectly. Learn why it is so useful and what errors to avoid. V is short for Vertical and lets us vertically Lookup values in a list READ MORE

AVERAGE Function

Learn to use the AVERAGE function to find the average value in a range of rows and columns. Learn how to highlight the cells to include these in the function and use the ribbon shortcut. Video duration 2.31 mins. Expand the window above READ MORE

Using the Quick Analysis Lens

When we have a table of data – with headings across the top and down the side – we can use the QUICK ANALYSIS lens to quickly create charts, running totals, totals, charts and sparklines to our workbook – this makes it very READ MORE

Freeze panes

As you scroll through your spreadsheet is often hard to know which row or column you are looking at. Freezing a row or column or both is a useful way to keep them onscreen and is a very useful technique. Video duration 4.16 READ MORE

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