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Master Skills
15 Time Saving Excel Tips You'll Use Everyday
In 30 minutes you'll discover the tips and tricks the experts use and wow your colleagues

$47 FREE

1 Module : 15 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 1 - Beginners

Master Skills
Understand the Basics of Excel Step-by-Step

Start here and know all the essential tools in Excel - and how to get the most out of them

$97 $7

4 Modules : 42 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 2 - Beginners

Master Skills
Discover the must-know Excel Formula's and Functions
Put your calculator in the bin, let Excel do it all and save yourself hours of work

$97 $47

3 Modules : 30 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 3 - Intermediate

Analyzing Data
Know how to analyze data in Excel to make better decisions
If you work with lists and tables - you need to turn data into information

$97 $47

3 Modules : 26 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 4 - Intermediate

Master Skills
Discover How to Make Beautiful Charts in Excel
Display the meaning behind the numbers, making comparisons and trends easier to see

$97 $47

3 Modules : 27 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 5 - Intermediate

Master Skills

Pivot Tables made easy - everything you need to know

Be Brilliant at using Pivot Tables and Dashboards to impress your Boss and Colleagues

$97 $47

3 Modules : 63 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 6 - Advanced

Master Skills
Design Safe, Re-usable, Secure, Scalable Spreadsheets
Be Your Company's Excel Architect by creating spreadsheets that are secure

$97 $47

2 Modules : 30 Videos : 1 Year

Knowledge Pack 7 - Advanced

Master Skills
Discover everything you need to know about Macros & VBA
Automate all the repetitive Excel tasks and save you and your company endless hours

$97 $47

4 Modules : 67 Videos : 1 Year

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Excel is the most widely used application in business today. Skill levels in Excel vary considerably, but very few possess the skills taught on the Excel Master program. This Diploma will bring Excel users to a Master level of proficiency in Excel

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