200 Excel Tip and Tricks inside Excel

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No more trawling the internet looking for answers, simply use Tabby in Excel
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Installs in 10 seconds, Tabby is added to your Excel Toolbar. When you open Excel, Tabby is there to help you

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What is Tabby?

Your very own Excel whizz. Over 200 short, easy to follow, videos to answer the most common Excel questions. No more leaving Excel to trawl the internet looking for help.


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How it works

Click. Watch. Solved. Download Tabby, it only takes 10 seconds, and open Excel. Next time you have an Excel query, simply click the eLearnExcel Tab, type a keyword and watch the answer.

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What else does it do?

Tabby also gives you over 100 keyboard shortcuts you’ll love, and has a list of the Top time-saving Excel tips and tricks.


Common questions

Is it easy to install?

Yes, very. Once you buy, you’ll get an email with a download link. Click this, follow the 3 on screen steps and then you’re done. It takes under 10 seconds to install

Is it safe to download?

Yes. We are an approved Microsoft partner, our software is scanned for malware and we use the latest anti-virus software on our servers. We do strongly recommend you always scan any software downloaded from the internet and use up to date Anti-Virus software to protect your PC.

Will it work on my Excel?

Yes, it works with all versions of Excel and Excel will function as normal. The only difference you’ll notice is the new eLearnExcel Tab on the Excel ribbon. Click this, select a topic, find your answer.

How long do I get it for?

Forever. Once you’ve bought it, it’s there in your Excel toolbar. There’s no subscription fee and you can watch all the videos as often as you want.

Can I buy it for a friend too?

Yes. When you buy it, you automatically get a download link that can be used twice. You can buy for Groups using the buttons below

What if I change my PC / Excel?

No problem, drop us a mail and we’ll send you a new link for free for your new Excel version.

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