Why choose us

Microsoft choose us to teach their employees Excel, why should you?

Because your learning is easy with us

Our eLearning for Excel is easy to use and navigate on whatever device you like to learn from – whether it’s a Windows PC, an Apple iPad or an Android Smartphone. We’ve made it easy to use and navigate our eLearning system – you’ll find it as intuitive as reading a book.


Because you can trust us

Some of the world’s most prominent businesses choose us to teach their employees Excel – including Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Zurich, Aer Lingus, Allianz, HSBC, Intel, Dell, KPMG – even Microsoft use our Excel courses to train their employees on Excel.


Because people like you have got results

Over 100,000 people have enrolled on our courses and as a result have saved millions of dollars for companies with productivity improvements, report standardisation and automation with Excel. Our courses have helped people get promoted because of how they applied their new skills.

Proven Results

Because it’s risk free

With us you can learn as much as you want, for as long as you want. If you’re subscribing monthly, you can start with our 7-day free trial, and you can cancel as soon as you’ve learned what you wanted. No hassle, risk free. We’re so confident you’ll love our product, we even offer a 7-day money back guarantee when you buy a course.


Because you will save money

Most companies charge you over 100 for a single Excel course, but with us you can access our entire course catalogue for 30 days for just 19.99, or 199 for a year. Quite simply, we have the best courses at the best price. You won’t find a better value way to learn Excel.


Because you can earn more once you’re certified

Microsoft Excel is probably the greatest piece of software ever developed and because of that the economy relies on the program. Becoming skilled at Excel has become a license to print money in business, and our courses will help you earn more as you get Certified after each course.


Because you are learning from highly qualified Irish tutors

All of our tutors have Masters level or above qualifications in the IT field, with degrees in Computer Science and Business Management. Our product designers and trainers are highly qualified academically and have extensive practical commercial experience using Excel with our clients everyday.


Because you learn faster with us

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rate by up to 60% because you have control over the learning process. Because our system allows you to pause and replay the training as needed, and you can download the files to work along with the tutor, you learn faster.


Because you will save time at work

Learning with us will immediately increase your productivity at work. You will find yourself using features you didn’t know existed, using formulas to simplify spreadsheets, and you’ll notice that you quickly become more efficient in your role.


Because we are an Official Microsoft Partner

As an Official Training Partner with Microsoft and an Authorised Testing and Training Provider, we can run exams covering all of the Microsoft official curriculum courses – exams that you’ll be prepared for by completing our eLearning courses.


In a nutshell, our experience helps you learn

We have 20 years experience teaching Excel and more than 100,000 people have been trained by us. We have the highest quality courses and because of the amount of people we train, we are able to offer our courses at the best possible prices.

20 years