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Excel Top Tips

Turning on and off Filters

This quick video explains how to turn on and off Filters in Excel. There are two ways of turning on the filters in Excel – which will work with any list – providing there are no complete empty rows of data. Using the HOME TAB we can apply a Table Format to range of...

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Icon Sets

This quick video explains how you use Icon Sets in Conditional Formatting in Excel Traffic light icons, signal bars, indicators and other symbols can be used to highlight values in a range of cells and compare them with each other using icon sets. [et_social_follow...

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Drop down lists

This quick video explains how to create a Drop Down List in Excel. Drop down lists are a useful way of presenting the user with a finite list of options. Learn how to create them Data Validation [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle"...

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Excel Foundations

Arranging Workbooks

This quick video explains how to Switch and Arrange your Workbooks in Excel. Switching and Arranging workbooks allows us to work with multiple worksheets and workbooks at the same time. This is useful when comparing values on different sheets or viewing multiple sheet...

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Margins, Orientation and Page size

This quick video explains how you alter the margins, orientation and page size in the Excel worksheet. Within the page layout tab – there is a section called Page Setup which allows us to alter the margins, orientation and page size. Learn what these settings refer to...

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How to use Headers and Footers in Excel

This quick video explains sorting how to use Headers and Footers in Excel. When printing a long spreadsheet is useful to include headers and footers to display page numbers, dates and the document’s filename. The headers and footers option is in the TEXT section of...

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Excel Formulas and Functions

Importing Web Data

This quick video explains how to easily Import Data from the Web. More frequently we can find data we need to feed our spreadsheet online – learn how to import and link to web data using Excel. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle"...

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Applying a Filter

This quick video explains how to Apply a Filter in your Excel worksheet. Once a Filter has been enabled on a list or table – we can turn on or off a filter and use it to select a range of cells that matches the filter selected. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide"...

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Importing MS Access Data

This quick video will show you how to Import File Information from Access. Access tables can be imported and linked to Excel so that we can run reports or build charts based on that data. Learn how to link and import data from Microsoft Access. [et_social_follow...

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Excel Analyzing Data

Slicer tool

This quick video explains how to use the Slicer Tool to view Data in Excel. The Slicer Tool provides powerful ways of looking at Data in a Pivot Table in different ways. Its new since Excel 2010 but very popular with Pivot Table users. [et_social_follow...

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Data Bars

This quick video explains Data Bars in Conditional Formatting in Excel. Data Bars – are little graphs that appear in the background of numbered cells that have had conditional formatting applied to them. They provide a useful way of highlighting and comparing values...

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Show Data Bars and Values as separate columns

This quick video explains how to Show Data Bars and Values as Separate Columns in Excel. Learn how to use Conditional Formatting to display Data Bars in a separate cell to the value that is used for conditional formatting in order to simplify the appearance and create...

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Excel Charts

Chart Styles

This quick video explains the different Chart Styles in Excel A new feature in 2013 – Chart Styles allow us to quickly change the style of a specific chart. Choose from a range of different chart types built-into Excel and modify the colour schemes used in your...

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Chart filters

This quick video explains the different Filters in Charts for Excel. A new feature in 2013 – Chart Filters allow us to quickly filter data that appears in a chart. We can quickly hide and remove elements of a chart – very useful for previewing what a chart will look...

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Chart Design Tab

This quick video explains how to use The Chart Design Tab in Excel. The Excel Design Tab gives us additional options that allows us to change the format and appearance of our Chart in Excel. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle"...

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Excel Reporting and Dashboards

Create a pivot chart from a list

facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Youtube This quick video shows how to create a Pivot Chart from a List in Excel. Pivot Charts provide a graphically rich way of viewing data from long lists of data. Pivot Charts are created along with Pivot Tables to summarise data...

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Formatting the Pivot Chart

This quick video explains how to Format your Pivot Chart in Excel. Once you have selected a pivot chart – you can start to modify its appearance. Changing the design of your pivot chart is useful to help emphasize particular data points and highlight the areas which...

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Refreshing a Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

This quick video explains how you Refresh the Data in your Pivot Table and Pivot Chart. Pivot Tables do not refresh automatically if the underlying data is changed. Producing a new Pivot Table is a memory and time consuming exercise for Excel so it only refresh the...

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Excel Security and Design

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Excel Recording Macros and VBA

Delete a Macro stored on PERSONAL MACRO WORKBOOK

This quick video explains how to Delete a Macro saved to your Personal Workbook Delete a Macro that you have saved into your Personal Workbook so that you can update it or just remove it. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle" icons_location="top"...

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Simple Edits to a Macro

This quick video explains how to make the Simple Edits to a Macro Excel Macros are recorded and then converted into Visual BASIC programming language. Without too much programming knowledge we can make basic edits to a Macro to amend how the Macro works. Learn how to...

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Assigning a Macro to a button

"Assigning a Macro to a Button" in Excel. Here is our quick Video so you can she how easy it to do . Once we have recorded a Macro we can assign it to a bottom – the macro can then be run quickly by pressing the button. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide"...

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