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Excel Top Tips

How to Use Colour Scales in Excel

This quick video explains how to use Colour Scales in Excel. Colour scales or heat maps are a useful way to highlight values in a range of cells. Built-in heat maps allow you to apply different schemes dependent on the rules you wish to apply and you can create custom...

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How to remove # symbols from Excel

This quick video explains how to Remove the #### Symbols from your Excel worksheet. Removing symbols from Excel. Seeing ##### (hash) symbols in your spreadsheet is very common. Learn what causes it to happen and how to remove them from your worksheets....

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Using Excel Templates

This quick video explains how to use the Templates in Excel. Excel is shipped with hundreds of powerful templates. Learn how to browse and access them. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle" icons_location="top" col_number="auto"...

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Excel Foundations

Basic Excel Operators (+, -, *, /)

This quick video explains the different Basic Operators in Excel ( + , - , * , / ) Learn to work with Excel’s basic operators – including the +, -, * and / operators – essential for all Excel users. Learn the difference between operators and functions...

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Format Painter

This quick video explains The Format Painter If you have created a format including the colour, font and background colour and border of a cell and wish to copy it to another cell or range of cells – you can do so using the Format Painter tool. [et_social_follow...

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Freeze panes

This quick video will show you how you can Freeze a Row or a Column. As you scroll through your spreadsheet is often hard to know which row or column you are looking at. Freezing a row or column or both is a useful way to keep them onscreen and is a very useful...

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Excel Formulas and Functions

Master the VLOOKUP

What is a VLOOKUP Function? Whenever you keep track of anything with spread sheets, there'll come a time when you want to find information without having to scroll through a list or Table. That's when the VLOOKUP function can be extremely useful. The VLOOKUP can also...

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Sorting data alphabetically

This quick video explains how to sort Data Alphabetically in Excel Sorting data alphabetically is the most common way of sorting textual data in Excel – usually in Ascending going from A – Z or in descending Z – A order. Learn how to Sort here. [et_social_follow...

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Excel Analyzing Data

Sorting Data in Excel using a Custom List

 This quick video explains Sorting Data in Excel using a custom list. Excel provides a mechanism to sort using a custom list – this allows us to specify the preferred sort order for a list. So instead of a simple alphabetic list going from A-Z or Z-A, we can use...

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Custom Cell Formats

This quick video explains how you can Customize the Format of a Cell in Excel. Sometimes in Excel we want to be able to customize the format of a cell – using options which are not available in the normal list of formatting options in Excel. [et_social_follow...

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Flash fill

This quick video explains Flash Fill in Excel. This is a new feature in Excel 2013 – it attempts to workout how to extract data merged into one cell into multiple columns – for example to extract the first name and last name from a single cell. [et_social_follow...

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Excel Charts

Insert and Delete a chart

This quick video explains how to Insert and Delete a Chart in Excel. Learn how to use a table or data list to create a chart in Excel. Modifying the filters or range selected will update the chart on the screen. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide"...

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Insert a chart for selected data

This quick video explains how to Insert a Chart for Selected Data only in your Excel worksheet. Learn how to create a chart from just a selection of data – to chart a restricted range of data or to compare different items in a chart. [et_social_follow...

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Chart Elements

This quick video explains Chart Elements NEW Feature in Excel. A new feature in 2013 – Chart Elements allow us to quickly edit the appearance and features of a specific chart. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle" icons_location="top"...

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Excel Reporting and Dashboards

Why do we use a pivot table?

This quick video will explain why we should use Pivot Tables when using Excel. Pivot Tables are one of the most important features in Excel of analyzing data. They provide a powerful and quick way of drilling down into vast amounts of data to create powerful...

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Create a pivot table from a list

This quick video explains how you can Create a Pivot Table from a List. We need a list of data or a data source to create a pivot table. Learn how to insert a pivot table into Excel here. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle" icons_location="top"...

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Formatting the Pivot table

facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Youtube This quick video explains how to Format a Pivot Table in Excel. Once we have a pivot table created – we can format it and make changes to its appearance using the Design Tab. facebook Twitter Instagram Google+...

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Excel Security and Design

Absolute and Relative Referencing – advanced

This quick video explains the Advanced Absolute and Relative Referencing in Excel. Learn how to create row and column absolute references and learn additional features of keeping cells absolute or relative to each other – useful when dragging functions down and across...

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This quick video explains how to remove and avoid IFERROR in Excel. Learn how to manage and handle errors gracefully in Excel – to avoid displaying error messages when you know a function cannot properly work. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide"...

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Locking and Protecting Cells in Excel

Locking and Protecting Cells in Excel. There are times when working in Excel that you want to protect an entire worksheet from someone making changes to it, without protecting the entire workbook. Excel allows you to protect a particular sheet. To simply protect the...

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Excel Recording Macros and VBA

Record a Macro to THIS WORKBOOK

This quick video explains how you Record a Marco to your Workbook in Excel. Macros are powerful ways to automate certain tasks in Excel. Learn the basics of how to record your own Macro in Excel. [et_social_follow icon_style="slide" icon_shape="rectangle"...

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Delete a Macro stored on THIS WORKBOOK

This quick video explains how to Remove / Delete a Macro from your Workbook . Delete a Macro Stored on This Workbook. If you have created a Macro or fear there may be a malicious Macro in your workbook – learn how to remove or delete it from your workbook...

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This quick video explains show to Record a Macro to the Personal Macro Workbook. The Excel Personal Workbook is a special Workbook into which Macros can be placed. Learn how to save or move an existing Macro into your Personal Macro Workbook. [et_social_follow...

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