How to use the Ribbon in Excel

Learn about the Ribbon in Excel with our free tutorial The Excel Ribbon provides access to nearly all of Excel’s commands. The ribbon changes depending on the tab that is selected. Learn how to navigate and understand the ribbon. Video duration 6.3 mins. READ MORE

How to use Headers and Footers in Excel

Learn about Headers and Footers in Excel with our free tutorial When printing a long spreadsheet is useful to include headers and footers to display page numbers, dates and the document’s filename. The headers and footers option is in the TEXT section of READ MORE

How to set a Print Area in Excel

Learn to set a Print Area in Excel with our video tutorial Often we will want to just print a part of a worksheet – a selected area rather than a whole workbook. Learn how to print a selection or range of cells READ MORE

Importing data from the Web into Excel

More frequently we can find data we need to feed our spreadsheet online – learn how to import and link to web data using Excel. Expand the window above if you need to make the video larger. This lesson is one of over READ MORE

Calculating a person’s age in Excel

So you want to know a person’s age or need to calculate how many years have lapsed since a renewal date. Perhaps you want to know the ages of your staff without having to calculate it each year or you want to check READ MORE

Excel 2013 New Features – Quick Analysis Tool

The Quick Analysis tool as the name suggests allows us to select data on our sheet and then quickly analyse it using the short cut options available to us from the tool. Once you select your data, if the option is applicable, you READ MORE

Excel 2013 – The New Features at a glance

When you open Excel 2013, straight away you will see the difference in the interface. Excel 2013 seems less colourful and flatter but when you look closer, you will see that it is nearly identical to Excel 2010, with just a few additional READ MORE

Excel 2013 – New feature: Apps for Office

We are all used to downloading apps for our smart phones and tablets, we can now download apps for our office applications too. Excel 2013 has this option in the INSERT tab. In order to use this option, you will need a Microsoft READ MORE

Manipulating imported .CSV data files in Excel

Let’s look at a scenario where data is given to you in .CSV format or already has been imported into Excel for you. It may be the case that you have a list of ID numbers, when they are pasted or imported into READ MORE

Locking and Protecting Cells in Excel

Locking down all Cells: There are times when working in Excel that you want to protect an entire worksheet from someone making changes to it, without protecting the entire workbook. Excel allows you to protect a particular sheet. To simply protect the sheet READ MORE

What you didn’t know about the Format Painter

Format Painter is a great tool, it can be used in any of the Office Applications, it allows you to copy formatting from one area/object to another, but did you know that’s only half of what it’s capable of? What if you need READ MORE

Conditional Formatting and Dropdown Menus

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