Analyzing Data in Excel

Analyze Data

Know how to analyze data in Excel to make better decisions

If you work with lists and tables – you need to turn data into information

26 Lessons


2.5 Hours

What is Analyzing Data?

A step-by-step guide for Excel users

3 Modules explain how to Analyze Data in Excel and why it’s an important Skill to possess. Watch anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

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Filter by Color
Filter by Color

Module 1 : Working with Lists

How to Apply Sorts and Filters

Sort and Filter are some of the most commonly used features for analyzing data in Excel. This module gives you the skills you need

Advanced Formats and Filters

We explain Custom Formats, show you how to use Conditional Formatting and advanced Filters, use Data Bars and Icons Custom Lists

Module 2 : Data Tools

Flash Fill and Strings

Discover how to use Excel’s awesome CONCATENATE function to join up to 255 text strings into one text string – and why this is useful

Data Validation, Consolidation and Goal Seek

Find out how to make sure that users enter certain values into Cells

The Data Table, Forecast Sheet and Grouping 

This makes it really easy to turn existing data into forecasting

Grouping Sheets
Grouping Sheets

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The Slicer Tool
The Slicer Tool

Module 3 : Working with Tables

Creating and Designing Tables in Excel

Learn how to insert tables and format them to make showcasing data simple

The Slicer Tool

Discover how to insert Slicers into Excel and How to filter Pivot Tables

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