Excel Charts

Excel Charts

Discover How to Make Beautiful Charts in Excel

Display the meaning behind the numbers, making comparisons and trends easier to see

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What is Excel Charts?


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Chart Styles
Chart Styles

Module 1 : Inserting Objects


Inserting Objects, Pictures and Media

We show you how to embed objects in Excel Worksheets and why you may want to do this

Creating Basic Charts and Editing them 

A simple Chart can say a whole let more than a bunch of numbers in cells. We explain step-by-step how you can make an impression

Using Hyperlinks in Excel 

You can insert hyperlinks in Excel so that anyone can click to an external website, worksheets or file locations. Handy if you’re presenting data

Module 2 : Sparklines & Charts


What are Sparklines and why they’re great

Find out why these tiny Charts inside a worksheet cell can provide a brilliant visual representation of data. You can use Sparklines to show trends easily


Find out why Charts are such powerful tools. Learn all the different Chart types and how to manipulate them with ease

Group Sparklines
Group Sparklines

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Showing Filters in Charts
Showing Filters in Charts

Module 3 : Advanced Charts


Showing Filters and Formatting

Find out how to format your charts just the way you want them

Advanced Chart Types and Tools 

Discover how to add secondary axis, add trend-lines, use different Chart types for different data sets and display charts with negative values

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