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The MAX Function

Module 1 : Essential Formula


The Top 8 Formula that you’ll use every day

We start at the beginning and walk you step by step through the most used Excel Formulas

Understand Operators

Know how to turn Excel into your super-efficient calculator to solve basic mathematical operations

Know how to Automate Formula

Save time when you know how to apply formula across worksheets

Module 2 : Defining and Auditing Formula


Absolute and Relative Referencing

Know how to copy formula across multiple cells

Name Manager

Understand why defining a name for cells is important

Formula Auditing

Discover how and why you should be auditing formula

The Watch Window and Calculation Options 

Find out why the Watch window makes it convenient to inspect formula

Formula Auditing
Formula Auditing

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IF AND Statement
IF AND Statement

Module 3 : Functions


IF Statements

Be able to use IF Statements, one of the most popular instructions among the Decision Making Statements


When you need to look in a single row or column to find a value from a second row or column, you need to a LOOKUP. Find out how in this section

Module 4 : Advanced Functions


Using Excel’s Quick Analysis Tool

With the Quick Analysis Tool you can create different Chart types such as Scattered, Clustered and Stacked. We show you how.

Date and Database Functions

If you need to find information using given criteria, you need to know Functions like DSUM, DCOUNT and DVAR

Calculation Options
Calculation Options

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