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What is Excel Foundations?


A step-by-step guide for Excel Beginners

42 bite-size videos introduce you to the power of Microsoft Excel from the beginning. Watch anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

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We walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to do and you feel confident implementing every step

Practice and check your knowledge

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Apprentice Certification
Navigate Excel
How to Navigate Cells in Excel

Module 1 : Start Up and Interface


Opening Microsoft Excel and the Interface

We start at the beginning and walk you step by step through the navigation of Excel so you can find your way around

The Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Discover the Excel Quick access toolbar and be introduced to Tabs and Ribbons

The Formula Bar and Status Bar

Find out about the Formula Bar, what it does and how you can use it.

Opening, Closing and Saving Workbooks

Know how to open, close workbooks, and how to save your work in Excel

Module 2 : Formatting and Editing


Formatting Fonts and Cells

Know how to format fonts in Excel. Understand how to merge and align cells

Formatting Numbers, Dates & Currencies

Find out about all the different types of formatting that can be done in Excel

Editing Cells in Excel

Discover the differences between ‘Cell’ editing and ‘Formula Bar’ editing

Format Painter and Autofill

Find out how to use the Format Painter Tool and Autofill to save you time

Format Cells
How to Format Cells in Excel

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Apply Filters
How to Apply Filters in Excel

Module 3 : Worksheets


Formatting an Excel Worksheet

Find out how to Insert and Edit cells, insert columns and rows, and how to Hide & Unhide them

More Sheet Options

Discover the features in Excel that allow you to Group Sheets, Freeze Panes, Link Sheets, Create Custom Views and insert Headers and Footers

Module 4 : Printing & Scaling


Printing your Excel work

In this module you’ll find out how to use Print Preview; Scale To Fit, Editing Margins And Orientation, and Print Titles

Printing to Scale

Discover the best ways to Print or Not Print Grid lines And Headings, Print One Sheet And Multiple Sheets

Enter Formulas
How to enter Formulas in Excel

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