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What is Excel Macros & VBA?

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Opening the Developer Tab
Opening the Developer Tab

Module 1 : Recording Macros

The Macro Essentials

We explain what Macros are, why you might need them and how to record and run a Macro

How to Develop Macros

Where to run them, How to Create your own Macro Workbooks and Create your own Tabs and Ribbons, plus Macro Security

Module 2 : Intro to VBA & Macro Recorder

Introduction to Macro Recorder

We clearly explain the Macro Recorder and VBA

Macro Recorder – Part 1 

Examples of Macros in different environments: To format cells to currencies, to swap columns, to use Relative References

Macro Recorder – Part 2

Discover further examples and progress to more complex Macros, like Creating Pivot Charts and Tables

Macro OverView

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Using 'Cells' to Access a Cell
Using ‘Cells’ to Access a Cell

Module 3 : Forms, Loops & Functions


Find out how to create a switchboard Form to call our previous Macros.  Add a button to the ribbon to display the form and then manipulate date automatically


Discover how to Loop Through Data in various ways and start to create re-usable VBA code.

User Defined Functions

We explain what User Defined Functions are, How to create them and show you how to conduct error handling and de-bugging in VBA.

Module 4 : Automation, Security & Language

Automating Word, PowerPoint and Outlook from Excel

In this module we show you how to automate those tasks where you need to export data from Excel into other documents.

Security & Language

We explain how to use the Personal Macro workbook, Macro Security and have a run through of all the VBA Language you need to know

Macro Security Levels
Macro Security Levels

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