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Become an Excel Master and increase your career potential

Excel is the most widely used application in business today, but very few people maximize its potential.

When you take this Diploma, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make using Excel easy.

Whether you’re new to Excel or a seasoned pro, this program will bring you to Mastery.

Courses included in your Online Diploma Program

Master Skills
15 Time Saving Excel Tips You’ll Use Everyday
Excel Tips
In 30 minutes you’ll discover the tips and tricks the experts use and wow your colleagues

Value $235

Master Skills
Understand the Basics of Excel Step-by-Step
Excel Foundations
Start here and know all the essential tools in Excel – and how to get the most out of them

Lifetime Value $485

Master Skills
Discover the must-know Excel Formula’s and Functions
Excel Formulas & Functions
Put your calculator in the bin, let Excel do it all and save yourself hours of work

Lifetime Value $485

Analyzing Data
Know how to analyze data in Excel to make better decisions
Analyzing Data in Excel
If you work with lists and tables – you need to turn data into information

Lifetime Value $485

Master Skills
Discover How to Make Beautiful Charts in Excel
Excel Charts
Display the meaning behind the numbers, making comparisons and trends easier to see

Lifetime Value $485

Master Skills
Pivot Tables made easy – everything you need to know
Excel Reporting & Dashboards
Be Brilliant at using Pivot Tables and Dashboards to impress your Boss and Colleagues

Lifetime Value $485

Master Skills
Design Safe, Re-usable, Secure, Scalable Spreadsheets
Protection, Security & Design
Be Your Company’s Excel Architect by creating spreadsheets that are secure

Lifetime Value $485

Master Skills
Discover everything you need to know about Macros & VBA
Recording Macros & VBA
Automate all the repetitive Excel tasks and save you and your company endless hours

Lifetime Value $485

5 reasons to become an Excel Master

When you’re an Excel Master, you’ll be an asset to any Business.

You’ll truly understand the power of Excel.

You’ll be able to design robust, safe and scale-able spreadsheets.

You will save you and companies hundreds of hours of work.

Every company that uses Excel needs an Excel Master.

These are all Skills that Businesses pay for - your salary increases when you Master Excel

Get Skilled

You will be capable of developing and supporting spreadsheets for spreadsheet intensive industries, which include business, banking and financial services, accounting, software and other online industries.

Stand Out

Existing Excel users wishing to master the advanced design and reporting techniques used in spreadsheet modelling and automation. If you’re looking to advance your career, being an Excel Master is a competitive edge.

Get Certified

After completing all the courses and passing on online exam in each, you’ll complete and submit a substantial project. This package includes the cost of the exams and the marking of the project.

This is the Certificate you can add to your Resume

Internationally recognized accreditation

Who should get Certified as an Excel Master

Excel Foundations

Finance Professionals

If you work in Banking or any Finance related role – being an Excel Master will save you hours of work each week

Excel Foundations

Data Analysts

Use your Excel Master skills to turn large data into information and help companies make better business decisions

Excel Foundations

Investment Analysts

Use advanced Excel to provide information to in-house fund managers or banks to make investment decisions.

Excel Foundations


An Excel master can prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing information

Why you should become a Certified Excel Master

The Excel Error That Changed History

Harvard University economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff have acknowledged making a spreadsheet calculation mistake in a 2010 research paper, “Growth in a Time of Debt” (PDF), which has been widely cited to justify budget-cutting…..

Bloomberg Business Week

The Key to a Good-Paying Job Is…Microsoft Excel

Want a job that promises a living wage and a good shot at a middle-class life? Learn Microsoft Excel and other basic digital skills. That’s the conclusion of a report released Thursday by Burning Glass Technologies a labor-market analysis firm that reviewed millions of jobs….

The Wall Street Journal

Your Excel skills could land you your next job

When it comes to hunting for a job, perhaps the nerdiest skill you can put in your resume may be the one that sends you over the top. High proficiency in software like Microsoft Excel is increasingly helping people land jobs.. from Middle-income jobs to Wall Street analysts…


Why learn Excel?

  • Makes calculations of complex formulas easy
  • Easy to make reports
  • Almost all computers utilize Microsoft Office (incl. Excel)
  • Makes raw data values easier to look at
  • Sorts many different types of information easily

Why become a Master?

  • Receive and industry recognized certification
  • Gain the skills to progress in the Finance Sector
  • Open opportunities for yourself at work and at home
  • Be able to understand everything inside the Excel program
  • Earn the Excel Master certification

Skills you’ll learn

  • Automate excel in a scalable and safe way
  • Report using spreadsheet dashboards
  • Understand safety and security issues with spreadsheets
  • Work with spreadsheet limitations and problems
  • Gain practical experience with large spreadsheets

How you can apply these skills

  • Design ornate graphs and reports for businesses
  • Maximize work efficiency with macros
  • Make spreadsheets safer and more secure
  • Increase potential for data entry jobs or management
  • Make spreadsheets and reports easily

Ignite your Career and get the Excel Master Program today

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